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Chamois technology

The Revolutionary ‘Open-Cell’ Perforated Bib Short Chamois from Conquest

The unique Conquest perforated ‘open-cell’ chamois insert is revolutionary and is a standard feature across our entire range of cycling bib shorts. The insert is constructed using the finest materials and innovative manufacturing techniques with the clear objective of improving breathability. The inclusion of perforations also allows us to increase the density of the padding without adding bulk. The end result is that you stay dry and more comfortable throughout your ride.


The perforated insert has been seven years in the making and is the proud collaboration between our Product Director and our chamois design expert who between them have over two decades of industry experience. Our chamois designer has designed bespoke inserts for Fabian Cancellara, Ivan Basso and the Schleck brothers, to name a few. When you wear Conquest bib shorts you benefit from our wealth of experience, technical knowledge and our commitment to ethical production.

Lightweight, Open Cell Padding Increases Comfort without Adding Bulk

Generally there are two types of foam used in inserts, Closed-Cell and Open-Cell.  Open-Cell foam features tiny connected air pockets which allow air to pass through freely. Open-Cell aeration also enables us to provide a high density pad which is supportive, lightweight and extremely comfortable but less bulky than other cycling shorts. At Conquest we use Open-Cell foam throughout all of our bib short collections due to its vastly superior breathability and comfort attributes.

Innovative Foam Cutting Technology Delivering Unrivalled Comfort

Foam Cutting Technology (FCT) is a revolutionary and patented technique borne out of close collaboration between our chamois designer and Conquest’s Product Director. We now have the capability to design a chamois pad with fewer manufacturing processes which creates a vastly superior bib short. Why?

Because traditional chamois pad manufacturing processes involve thermo-moulding, lamination or stitching which create hard edges and chafe points resulting in discomfort. FCT completely eliminates the need for stitching, high temperature moulding or lamination creating a super flexible and lightweight cycling pad. Fewer manufacturing processes also results in less bi-product and material waste in keeping with Conquest’s ethical production commitment.


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